February 1987 was my first match. Chelsea against Manchester United. Seated in the West Stand as it was then with the cold, hard benches below. We were lucky - the roof covered us as we were warmly snuggled between other fans. To my right, a friend of my father's who tried to coax me into supporting the Red Devils. To my left, my father who knew I would not be tempted. There is not much I remember about the match apart from one thing - the noise when Chelsea scored. With the visitors taking the lead from a penalty, it was up to Micky Hazard to equalise following some mesmerising wing-play by Pat Nevin (the latter of which I didn't remember). I was so shocked by the din that I cried from both shock and joy. It was my only game that season. Tony Godden; Steve Clarke; Keith Dublin; Colin Pates; Micky Hazard; Joe McLaughlin; Jerry Murphy; Nigel Spackman; Pat Nevin; Kerry Dixon was the team that started for the home side. You can see why such an extreme range of players led to us finishing alongside Man Utd in the bottom half of the table.

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